Portable Power
Portable power for a worry free work day
Wednesday, Jun 07, 2017
When working in a remote location, the last thing that you want to worry about is how you’re going to get power. So, what’s the solution? Portable power distribution system!

Portable power distribution units (PDUs) can help you to streamline the setting up and tearing down of equipment used in industrial work sites, resulting in increased productivity and less worry. There is still one problem though, no two business’ or projects are alike. Each requires a specific set of specifications to completely meet their needs, as well as, a very specific rating to match the environment that it will be deployed in.

This is where we step up and shine. We at Larson Electronics possess the ability to custom build each power distribution unit to meet your unique needs and specifications. Our line of PDUs all adhere to UL 1640 standards and each feature different ratings for deployment in various environments and locations.

We offer explosion proof PDUs for hazardous locations, as well as, outdoor rated units that come with NEMA enclosures for ultimate protection from unpredictable weather and corrosive substances that might appear at certain work sites. Each unit ranges from 7.5KVA to 150KVA, as well as multiple outlet configurations. Support for each of these units is provided by a sturdy, wheeled cart for easy transportation around the job site.

Choose as many, or as little, specifications as you want. No matter what, we have you covered!

For more information, please visit: http://www.larsonelectronics.com

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