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Nissan extends date for US$10,000 electric car discount
Monday, Jul 03, 2017
Based on the success of the promotion, Nissan North America, Inc. is extending the $10,000 discount offer for AEP Ohio customers on the 2017 Nissan LEAF.

The promotion has been extended to September 30 or while supplies last, and cannot be combined with any other Nissan special lease, APR or rebate.

The discount is available on a purchase of the all-electric Nissan LEAF bought at participating Ohio Nissan dealerships. Customers will need to show proof of eligibility by providing a copy of a current AEP Ohio bill.

AEP Ohio, an American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP) company, has proposed making 1,275 electric vehicle charging stations available through its grid modernization efforts. The proposal includes a mix of residential, public and fast chargers to be installed as part of the Smart Columbus project. A successful charging program could lead to expansion in other areas.

Why Drive Electric?

  • Save on fuel costs – at current electric prices, it costs about $1.00 per gallon equivalent to energize an electric vehicle

  • Convenience – pure electric vehicles are “topped off” with electricity by connecting the car to a charger, meaning no more trips to the pump

  • Quiet – both inside and out, the cars are virtually silent at low speeds and on the highway

  • Smart – owners get real-time information about battery range and driving efficiency

  • Maneuverability – electric vehicles accelerate well from stops, no need to “rev up”

  • Tax incentives – electric car owners are also eligible for up to $7,500 in federal tax breaks

AEP Ohio supports the adoption of electric vehicle technology, but is not endorsing any specific product through this promotional effort and is not affiliated with the manufacturer or dealer.

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